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From the “Palazzo del Gatto” one can take leisurely walks to a couple of the nearby medieval villages of Collelungo and Montenero Sabino, o
r alongside a creek all the way to the source of the river Farfa and the Roman Bridge, otherwise along fields of centuries old olive groves. Near Casaprota one may find interesting places such as the Farfa Abbey, the Turano Lake and Castel di Tora, as well as the archeological at Trebula Mutuesca and the Santa Vittoria Sanctuary, the travertino quarry at Poggio Mojano, other medieval settlements, and Franciscan monasteries. SabinARTi organizes guided tours and artists-in-residence can take part in such excursions. A guided visit to the Montenero Castle will be offered exclusively at no cost to the residents.